Hello! We are Marni and Dana. Twin sisters, LA natives and the proud founders of HEG.

We grew up in a family of 6 where weekly dinners felt like an event. Our mother had a bad case of not wanting to leave anyone out and so our Friday night Shabbat dinners would regularly become 10-20ppl. We would rush around helping our mother make dinner, set the table, pick flowers for the centerpiece, and light the candles. Seeing the dining room transform into a fancy dinner party and watching our guests enjoy themselves, gave us a thrill. It STILL gives us a thrill. We love to transform rooms with elegant design and create exhilarating experiences for our guests.

Since the days in our parent's dining room, we honed our skills while working for corporate event planning companies and non-profit organizations. In 2007 we finally decided it was time to work together and started Haber Event Group. Cause who better to be your business partner, than your twin sister?

We feel strongly that for an event to truly be amazing, the planning process has to be as spectacular as the party. Our clients are often busy professionals with limited time on their hands. We are able to help by using the most modern planning tools, recommending fabulous vendors and designing the perfect experience for your guests. Our goal is to make event planning fun and stress-free while creating breathtaking memories. 

We would love to be a part of your special event.


Marni & Dana